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Payment Options strives to offer flexibility to our customers via a wide array of payment options.*  Whether receiving or rendering payment for watches and accessories, clients are encouraged to discuss payment methods with their sales advisors in order to determine which means of payment provides the best combination of convenience, speed, and confidence for each individual. If an item purchased on a credit card is returned for an authorized refund, the refund will be issued in an amount equal to the original purchase price minus the credit card processing fees that incurrs in the process of charging and refunding the credit card.

Bank Wire

A bank wire offers the quickest, most direct, and most secure means of payment. With the security and speed that comes with a bank wire transfer, sales advisors are able to offer the best transaction pricing for any given purchase of timepieces, accessories, or services.

PayPal accepts payment for purchases by customers and renders payment for purchases from customers via PayPal services. Contact your sales advisor to arrange a transaction by means of PayPal channels; many customers choose this payment option when shopping's industry-leading eBay storefront. Clients are advised to familiarize themselves with PayPal's terms of transaction in advance of a purchase.


Customers may use personal checks only to pay for merchandize and services purchased from When payment by check is elected, will refrain from shipping until a check has cleared processing and payment has been confirmed.

Credit Card accepts payment by all major credit cards. Customers are encouraged to discuss credit card payment details with their sales advisors.


Trades in which a customer makes net payments to for a watch of greater value than a traded model are able to render payment by credit card, personal check, PayPal, or wire transfer. When a customer's trade-in surpasses the value of a watch being received, the balance of value can be returned to the client via the individual's choice of PayPal, check, or wire transfer.


* is an industry leader in luxury sector fraud prevention and reserves the right to refuse or cancel a purchase without notice if fraudulent conduct is suspected. For details on's terms of limitations regarding suspected fraudulent transaction attempts, please refer to the Terms of Transaction Limitation.


Terms & Conditions of Sales

Any and all claims and/or disputes of any kind that in any way relate to, arise from or are in connection with i) any item sold by or listed by Watch-U-Want, Inc. or ii) your purchase or attempt to purchase any item from Watch-U-Want, Inc., shall be governed by the laws of the State of Florida and shall be litigated, if at all, solely and exclusively in a court of law within Broward County, Florida, to the exclusion of any other court where suit might otherwise be brought. Watch-U-Want, Inc. shall not be responsible for any damages other than the actual price paid to Watch-U-Want, Inc. for the item purchased and purchaser hereby waives any and all claims for lost profits or special and consequential damages. Purchaser shall be defined as any person or entity that purchases, attempts to purchase or claims damages of any kind which relate to, arise from, or are in connection with any item sold by or listed by Watch-U-Want, Inc. Watch-U-Want, Inc reserves the right to decline, an offer , or to not sell a particular watch. will not be responsible, or held liable for any mistakes to listings,misprints, or typos, made by a Watch-U-Want, Inc representative. Watch-U-Want processes payments for purchase and trade watches within five (5) business days of deal details being finalized.

Watch U Want, Inc. sells authentic swiss watches and will trade or buy your used watches. We are not affiliated in any way with Panerai, Rolex, Cartier, Richemont Companies, V.L.G,, or any of the brands of watches we sell. Please note: We are not an authorized dealer or distributor of Panerai or any other brands of watches for sale.