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But don’t take our word for it; past customers are our best advocates and most effective spokesmen. No other company in the luxury watch industry – new or preowned – can boast the same depth of endorsements from real clients. Most testimonials on watchuwant.com include a full name, email address, and phone number. In the internet age, that’s the ultimate compliment.

Seeing is believing, and there’s plenty to see on our “Testimonials” page. But nothing beats a first-hand experience. Once you’ve lived the watchuwant.com difference, your satisfaction is our reward… but we always appreciate a shout-out!

First luxury watch purchased online

First luxury watch purchased online Recently decided to purchase my first Breitling, and decided to purchase from "Watch u Want". The whole experience was nothing but spectacular, Michael provided excellent information regarding the condition of the watch and followed up throughout the entire process. The watch arrived when promised and in even better condition than I expected. Michael provided excellent customer service and was really patient making the language barrier not a problem at all throughout the process, due to me not being from a country where English is the first language. Michael was understanding. Could not be more happy with my experience, the watch was in excellent condition, quick shipping, and excellent customer service. Will definitely be back as a customer in the future. Eirik

stellar example of what an internet company should be

Michael, good morning. While I am still interested in the Panerai , I wanted to touch base on another subject. That being my thanks to you and your company for being a stellar example of what an internet company should be. I recently purchased a Ulysse Nardin from Watch U Want. The transaction went exactly as one would have hoped and expected. In theory, it is truly nothing special, but in reality, we are dealing with items that easily reach 5 figures in terms of cost. One may get a little uncomfortable in dealing with such a hardy amount of dollars in a transaction where you never meet a person face to face. You and I had spoken over the phone a couple of times, and I had done business with O.J. many years ago (that’s how I had your company name initially). This had at least set the table for a relationship, but that had been many years ago. Anyway, discussions were had, transactions agreed upon, and deals consummated. Exactly as promised, and exactly as executed. You are very honest and professional. I love my new UN, and am planning on another possible purchase. And, I know you'll be there if any after sales action or help is required. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated you and your company. I'm not sure I would call this an endorsement, but certainly a commentary on a perfect transaction. Thanks again for helping me out, and following up with all as promised. Your word is good with me, and that speaks volumes. We shall be in touch, thanks again, SBB

Milgauss-My First Rolex!

As a scientist, I appreciate the engineering of the anti-magnetic mechanism. As an executive, I admire the understated elegance. Perfect for the lab or the boardroom.

Thanks, Peter, for treating me as a professional. I hold in high esteem those who respect my time (because I have very little discretionary time) and you did. You got right to the point, as did I, and we struck a deal in a few minutes. You also went the extra mile to add another link after I told you my wrist circumference. The watch arrived when promised and in perfect condition. Thanks!

This will not be my last purchase.

Jeffrey L. Strobel, Ph.D.

This was my first luxury watch bought online

This was my first luxury watch bought online. Needless to say, I was a bit nervous to buy a Hublot, this way. Michael made the experience of buying from watchuwant.com amazing and seamless. Also, the videos and behind the scenes look they do regularly helped me make my mind up. The purchase was perfect, the condition of the watch was perfect with huge attention to detail on the packaging and the care of the watch. Not to mention I received in less than 24 hours after I wired the money. I am hooked on watchuwant.com much to my wife's chagrin and have been scouting my next purchase I will be making from Michael. Highly recommend adding to your collection with these fine people. Paul M.

Ad Exec

I wanted to write a review to help those who are searching for a great watch at a great price and are concerned about buying/trading online. While it is always good policy for buyer be aware - I can honestly say that WUW did not only offer one of the best deals on the Panerai I've been looking for, but were VERY responsive, fair on my trade-in, and took personal approach to my transaction. Everything was done on-time, accurately and responsibly. I would highly recommend WUW as one of the best resources for online buying/trading. Happy hunting !

Pleasure Working with you

Thanks Michael. It's been a pleasure working with you. This is the first time I have sold a watch online so I checked a number of other options and you were by far the easiest to work with and provided a fair price with great service. You followed through with what we agreed to with no haggling or hassles and I felt that the whole process was very professional. I would use WatchUWant again and will definitely contact you the next time I need to sell a watch. Thanks. All the best, Rich

Three extraordinary deals!

I have bought 3 timepieces from Peter at WatchUWant in the last 3 years. First, dealing with Peter is a total pleasure. He is very nice, responsive and friendly through the deal. The timepieces themselves are outstanding! All of them have come with their original packaging, documents and in like new condition.

The first piece was a Breitling Bentley GMT. I saw this watch for the first time when it just came out to the market about 8 years ago or so and totally fell in love with it but it was out of my reach. Five years later I saw it at WatchUWant website at a nice price and great condition. Contact them and that’s when I met Peter. The transaction went very smooth and two days after sending payment the watch was in my wrist. Every time I wear this watch I receive complements about it.

I am a Cartier fan. I already own 3 of them (Santos Galbee, Santos Ronde and Santos 100) but I have always love the looks of the Santos 100 XL Chronograph in Stainless Steel and Black leather strap.
Last year I decide to start looking for one but could not find one in the mint condition I was looking for until one day I went back to WatchUWant and one was just came out. It was the perfect watch I was looking for. Once again I call Peter and we worked out a deal!

Last summer my wife and I were in L.A. and while in Beverly Hills I made the mistake to go into the IWC boutique ()! Immediately the Ingenieur Nico Rosberg grabbed my attention. A few months after I succumbed to the temptation of adding an IWC watch to my collection. I was wanting something not as big as the Bentley GMT (49mm), elegant but sporty to be able to use in a daily basis. Looking around for options I found and really liked the Ingeniuer Double Chronograph Titanium with Silver face. It was the perfect size (45mm) sporty but elegant at the same time. So since I had such great experiences with WatchUWant, I went to the website and found one! It was perfect once again, 2016 model in like new condition with papers, box and still factory warranty. I immediately called Peter and even though I caught him out of town visiting family, we worked out the deal and 3 days later the watch was on my wrist!

I cannot thank enough Peter and WatchUWant for these extraordinary timepieces and service provided. Even though my wife and my wallet are not as happy as I am!.

Jose G.



It was great to deal with Nikolas. Great customer service. Great information about watches. Hope I could deal more with him in the future.


My 3rd trade and remain a loyal customer

This is my 3rd trade with Watchuwant and with Niko and I continue to be a loyal customer. Niko is always available to discuss options, pricing, market, etc. and is never afraid to tell me when something might not fit or might not be the best style for my tastes given our time working together.

When it comes time for me to trade, I can be a difficult customer. I often change my mind, upgrade, find something else to consider and sometimes it takes quite a bit of back and forth before I make up my mind. Although this is never the best route to follow, the level of customer service and sales support provided by WatchUwant is what makes the difference when purchasing luxury timepieces.

Lastly, where I find the biggest difference between WatchUWant and the other vendors I've done business with in the past is the level of knowledge related to luxury timepieces. There is an extensive and deep level of knowledge available across the organization who understand their role is to educate and advice their clientele which ensures everyone is happy and informed about the item they're purchasing.

Big thanks to Niko for the relationship, Tim for the ongoing education and to Federico for assuming the responsibility for the extensive WatchUWant social media presence. Looking forward to great things to come!

Wonderful First Time Experience

I recently had the pleasure working with Roger Ramirez at WatchUWant. First the buying experience was no pressure and relaxed. I had an idea of what I was looking for but was on the fence. That’s where Roger stepped up with some extra pictures and information that made me feel comfortable with my decision. Once I pulled the trigger, the watch was in my possession the next morning. The Pam 283 exceeded my expectations by a mile (pictures did it no justice). But the customer service is the number one reason I will buy from Roger and WatchUWant again.



To say my first experience that I was happy with Watchuwant.com is an understatement, I was absolutely impressed by the professionalism, and courtesy of my sales associate Nikolas, and the whole website in general. The prices of every single brand on this site are really reasonable, and the make an offer option just enhances the experience even more in a positive direction. When it comes to response times, the sales team is on point. If you have a question or series of questions regarding your prospective watch choice, they have a prompt, professional answer.

I came to this site knowing I wanted a panerai, and wanted a certain look. It was not hard for me to choose. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. There are two options when you want to purchase a watch on Watchuwant; either a 'buy now' option or a 'make an offer' option. I chose the make an offer path. Before I made an offer, I did a lot of research on the internet on the particular piece, and the prices it was going for, and I already had 'what i felt' was a fair deal. Nikolas promptly answered my email regarding the deal, and I became a new owner of a Panerai Luminor.

The shipping experience is some of the quickest shipping i've ever dealt with buying from an online store. I purchased the overnight shipping, and my new watch came the next day. The packaging is tight, and well protected. Rest assured your watch is not going to get damaged during the shipping process if the watchuwant team can help it. The watch, when I opened the box, was far more beautiful than even the pictures on the site demonstrated. To top it off my watch came with a nifty WatchUWant hat that i'm going to put to good use. I thought that was an awesome added bonus.

In closing, my review centered around my experience, and questions i feel were important to me that anyone else might ask. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask the watchuwant team, they will respond, and quickly too. I am super happy with my decision to buy from this site, and I will buy again in the near future. Already have my eyes set on an IWC diver I really like. Thank you Nikolas, and the entire WatchUWant team for a positive experience!

Extemely Satisfied

I want to let you know Michael Chanti was a pleasure to deal with. I was undecided between several watches, and Michael was not only patient, but he was extremely professional in how he handled our transaction. He provided counsel without intruding, and helped me make a decision with which I'm extremely satisfied. I wouldn't hesitate to call on Michael again, and have already recommended him to friends. Best, Natalio Pincever

Great watch. Good service

The watch was everything I wanted and more and Peter led me straight to it. Thank you so much for a great job.


Ulysse Nardin was perfect!

Purchased a Ulysse Nardin Black Sea, with papers and box. I was a little worried due to the fact the company is on the other side of the world ( I live in the Netherlands ) and never heard of the company before ( seems to be one of the biggest second hand watch dealers ). I had seen the watch in a local dealers shop in the Netherlands, however the price from watchuwant was much better ( even with shipping costs and import fees ). With my online research, I couldn`t find anything bad about the seller. The reviews online are really good. I could not found one bad review that the seller react to, which normally is a good sign the seller takes their customers seriously.
Furthermore I found out the seller has a online blog on youtube which gives confidence the sellers knows what they are talking about and can give guarantees the watch you are buying is real, which convinced me even more. (by the way: if you're a watchgeek its a nice show :) )

The contact went really smooth with Nikolas told me the watch was in mint shape, which it was and payment and delivery went smoothly. Only small point of criticism was that i asked for a review of the watch of one of his colleagues which i never got ( they can make a small movie of your watch and tell you something about it) but like i sad, small point of criticism. Definitely no deal breaker and would definitely do business again if I see something nice!

Overall great price for a great watch and would recommend this seller to future customers :) thanks Nikolas and the rest of the team for the watch.


Great Service and Products

The service and commitment to the overall satisfaction towards the customer was extreme. Niko helped walk me through every step and made sure that I was completed satisfied with the two watches that I purchased. Rest assured that the watch you purchase fro watchuwant is going to be as shown in the photos and basically perfect.

Thanks and I look forward to adding to my collection.


1st online pre-owned purchase

I could not have asked for a better experience in making my 1st, on-line, pre-owned watch purchase...
Jason Mane was a pleasure to deal with in this transaction. Eased my concern about buying pre-owned online from Watchuwant, and, knowledgeable about his examples...
The price that we agreed to for this example with a 7750 was very reasonable, had to get it...
He kept in contact with me throughout the process, including after delivery, he called me, to make certain that everything met my satisfaction. Bravo...
Looking forward to my next purchase...thanks Jason.

Great service all around

Let me start off by saying at first I didn't want to buy a Rolex online, there's all these fakes and what not, and well from the beginning Jason just made me feel comfortable with the deal I cross checked previous work done to the watch from authorized Rolex dealers etc. Jason was always there every step of the way to help in anything he could overall I recommand this website as well as there products they stand behind their products 100% which is great. I had a great experience, fast free shipping next day air as well as he option to return it if I did not want it I couldn't have asked for more thanks again Jason.

516 672 8689

an easy "TIME" at Watch U Want"

The sales staff of which I spoke to a few were always courteous and helpful. My contact,Kane, was a pleasure to talk with. There was never any pressure from beginning to end everything was based on my comfort level. When my watch was delivered I was not happy with the way it fit my wrist.Although I loved everything else about the watch I was not sure if I should return it.Kane said "whatever makes you happy" let me send you a return sticker and you can either return the watch or keep it your decision no pressure we want you to be 100 % happy. When finalizing the price for the watch the owner spoke with me and helped to work out a fair price that I was happy with. I even spoke to Tim their in house horologist who walked me thru the winding and time setting process. By the way the problem i had was based on the fact the leather band was not broken in and so the watch sat awkwardly on my wrist but after a few days of wearing it the fit was much better. To you first time buyers I suggest you give the boys a chance I'm sure you'll be as happy as I was.

Spot On Experience

I recently purchased two watches from WatchUWant as a first time buyer and had a perfect experience. The sales associate, Kane Rawlings, was well-acquainted with the features, movements and various aspects of both time pieces. He answered all of my questions and spent a fair amount of time reviewing all of the features of each watch and their condition. As I went through the process, I became very comfortable with completing a transaction with WatchUWant. The process was efficient, and devoid of typical games that can be experienced when purchasing high-end products from an on-line company. We agreed to a fair price and method of payment for both watches, and the transaction was completed with the watches delivered to my home within several days all-in. Both time pieces were "as described", both in terms of the on-line representation and also what we discussed during the purchase transaction. I enjoyed the experience and would have no issue in using this company again for such a purchase.

great communication and fair deal

Thank you very much for a highly professional process, great communications, and fair price. I will definitely do business with you again, as a buyer or seller.

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